Recruitment Process & Step by Step Procedure

Why Work Abroad?

Working abroad can dramatically transform your life and career. Working in a foreign country would surely require you to acquire new abilities. You will learn new soft skills, such as communication and networking, as well as new technical skills at your new career abroad. After all, navigating a new location without knowing the language requires resourcefulness, and working in an international team will improve your communication skills.

Working overseas also gives you the opportunity to learn a foreign language. This will not only help you in your work but also make living abroad easier for you. Besides this, your new language skills will have a positive impact on your career.

Working in a foreign country is a fantastic way to broaden your personal and professional network. Working in another country exposes you to fresh opportunities because you will be collaborating with locals and expats from other countries. You will also develop friendships with people from various walks of life, some of which will last a lifetime.

Having an international assignment on your resume may help you find work in the future. In recruiting, talent mobility is a hot topic, and an increasing proportion of future professions will necessitate foreign travel. Working overseas will demonstrate your flexibility and independence, as well as make your resume stand out from the crowd. Additionally, any other talents you acquire while abroad, such as language skills, will enhance your profile.

Working abroad is the perfect option for you if you plan to:
  • Grow your career and have international mobility.
  • Earn dollar salaries leading to higher saving.
  • Live in well-developed countries.
  • Have access to world-class education & healthcare.
  • Gain access to citizen benefits.
  • Get a powerful passport that facilitates international travel.
  • Transform your family's life.
Eligibility and Requirements

To obtain a Work Visa, you must possess the requisite talents that are in demand in a certain country. You should also possess the requisite educational credentials as well as any certifications required for the position. You should also have the required work experience for the position.

You may also be required to take a Language Proficiency Test in some countries. This is especially true in English-speaking nations, where you may be required to take an English test such as the IELTS prior to applying for a Work Visa.

How Indo-Can Can Help You?

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Key Steps Involves in Overseas Placements

Recruitment is a crucial function for a company, and when you want an overseas talent, it becomes more challenging. From a job seekers' perspective also, it's not easy to get an overseas placement. In this scenario, an overseas job consultancy works as a savior. Global companies approach the best international recruitment consultant for the vacancies they have. Let us know about the critical steps involved in overseas placement;

Step 1:

Firstly, a company sends its human resources requirements to abroad job consultancy with a job description. The recruitment team understands the need, evaluates the unwritten demand, and grabs information on the company's culture.

Step 2:

Recruiters at overseas job consultancy start their search for the ideal match for their client by digging out the consultancy's database. Then, they ask for references to find the right candidate. Online job portals also have a vast database of overseas job seekers that can help abroad consultancy.

Step 3:

On finding the right candidate's resume, the recruiter arranges a telephonic interview. It's an initial screening round for candidates. Here the recruiter talks about his skills and also educates him about the overseas job opening he has. The recruiter understands what kind of work the job seeker can do and checks where he can fit him. He also educates the job seeker about work culture in the company, practical challenges involved with the job, and reallocation.

Step 4:

The recruiter introduces his profile to the employer if the candidate is acceptable with the available opening. Then, he sends a resume with personal inputs and waits for the client's confirmation.

Step 5:

The client generally takes 1 or 2 telephonic or skype interviews to check the candidate's communication, soft skills, and knowledge. Then, based on the candidates' performance, the client contacts the abroad consultancy in India and shares the feedback.

Step 6:

On selection, the aspirant gets the job offer from the employer. The best overseas job consultant in India will also guide you after getting a job offer for reallocation to a foreign country. The consultant will regularly be in touch with you to ensure comfort in a new land and company.